Maximizing Your Return: Selling Rare Coins in Washington State

For coin collectors and enthusiasts, finding the right buyer for your treasured collection is just as important as the journey of acquiring it. Selling rare coins demands a balance of understanding the market and securing the right buyer. In Washington State, you can achieve this perfect harmony with the help of Rare Us Coins.

The Undeniable Allure of Rare Coin Collecting

Like a treasure hunt, rare coin collecting captivates both serious collectors and new enthusiasts. The appeal lies in the tangible pieces of history, the artistry of coin design, and the potential for financial gain. Whether you’re a veteran collector or a curious newcomer, rare coins are like stepping stones into the fascinating world of numismatics.

Serious Collectors and New Enthusiasts Alike

Rare Us Coins caters to a diverse clientele, from seasoned collectors seeking specific items to complete their collections, to novices exploring the hobby. We understand the passion that drives collectors and work tirelessly to find the perfect pieces for our clients.

Free Appraisals and No-Obligation Offers: Our Commitment to You

Our rare coin buyers are always on the lookout for unique coins to purchase for our clients. We provide free, no-obligation appraisals for all rare coin collections and paper currency collections that we inspect for potential acquisition. Whether you have US or foreign coins, common or rare, our expert buyers are eager to evaluate your collection and make you a competitive offer.

Our Numismatic Expertise: Providing Trustworthy Evaluations

With a team of experts boasting hundreds of years of combined experience in coin-related fields, our knowledge and passion for numismatics shine through in every appraisal. Our American Numismatic Association membership demonstrates our dedication to providing accurate and trustworthy evaluations.

American Numismatic Association Membership

As members of the American Numismatic Association, we hold ourselves to high standards of integrity and professionalism. This membership ensures that you can trust our expertise when we appraise your coin collection and make you an offer.

Catering to a Diverse Range of Coin Interests

At Rare Us Coins, we cater to a broad spectrum of interests, including US rare coins, foreign coins, and paper currency. We strive to meet the unique demands of each collector by maintaining a diverse inventory of coins.

US Coins, World Coins, and Paper Currency

From iconic US rarities to ancient and modern world coins, our inventory covers a vast range of coin types and time periods. In addition to coins, we also deal in US paper money, ensuring that collectors with a penchant for banknotes can find the perfect addition to their collection.

Showcasing Iconic US Rare Coins

Our inventory includes some of the most sought-after and iconic US rare coins, attracting both domestic and international collectors. From early American rarities to modern commemorative issues, we strive to present a captivating selection for collectors of all levels.

Washington’s Go-To Rare Coin Dealers

As a prominent rare coin dealer in Washington State, we serve cities such as Seattle, Tacoma, Vancouver, Spokane, and Yakima. Our team is committed to providing outstanding service and expertise, making Rare Us Coins the go-to dealer for rare coins and paper currency in the region.

Serving Seattle, Tacoma, Vancouver, Spokane, and Yakima

Our buyers frequently visit these cities, offering in-person appraisals and consultations. With Rare Us Coins, you can trust that you’re working with a reliable and experienced dealer, regardless of your location in Washington State.

The Rare Us Coins Advantage: Outshining Traditional Coin Shops

With the changing landscape of rare coin trading, traditional coin shops and stores have become a thing of the past. At Rare Us Coins, we stay ahead of the curve, providing a convenient and secure platform for collectors to buy and sell their treasures. Our innovative approach to coin dealing, combined with our unparalleled expertise, makes Rare Us Coins the premier choice for all your rare coin and paper currency needs.


Q. How do I arrange for a free appraisal of my coin collection?
A. Contact Rare Us Coins through our website or by phone to schedule an appointment for an appraisal. Our expert buyers will come to your location to evaluate your collection and make a no-obligation offer.
Q. What types of coins and currency do you buy?
A. We buy US and foreign coins, including ancient and modern coins, as well as US paper currency. We are interested in all coins with collectible or bullion value.
Q. What sets Rare Us Coins apart from traditional coin shops?
A. Rare Us Coins provides a modern, convenient platform for collectors to buy and sell coins, outshining traditional coin shops with our unparalleled expertise, extensive inventory, and commitment to outstanding customer service.
Q. Are you a member of any professional numismatic organizations?
A. Yes, we are members of the American Numismatic Association (#6360), demonstrating our dedication to maintaining high standards of integrity and professionalism in the field of numismatics.
Q. Do you also buy and sell gold and silver jewelry, silverware sets, and watches?
A. While our primary focus is on rare coins and paper currency, we also have expertise in evaluating gold and silver jewelry, silverware sets, and watches. Please contact us for more information about these services.