We are the preferred type coin & rare coin buyer. Being a professional rare coin dealer, we service a wide range of customers, from those looking to sell inherited coin collections to coin collectors looking to sell one coin to their whole coin collection. We also service customers looking to add to their collection.  Our staff consist of knowledgeable, certified numismatists & coin appraisers. We offer expert coin appraisals to ensure you will get the highest coin price when you want to sell type coins, rare coins, gold coins, silver coins, precious metals, foreign & US coins, and currency because coins are our passion. 

Coin collecting, buying, selling, and investing in coins is a pastime spanning hundreds of years that is still popular in modern time. Selling rare coins can seem like a daunting task, but with Rare U.S. Coins LLC expert staff, you can rest assured you are getting the best prices for your rare coins

We serve all types of customers, from coin collectors to people who find themselves inherited a coin collections and are looking for a rare coin company to sell the collection to.  In both cases we work for our clients to get them the most money for their rare coins or rare coin collection.  Our rare coin experts deal with all types of Numismatic coins including U.S. coins, foreign coins, type coins, and of course, rare key date coins, low mintage coins, and shipwreck recovered treasure coins.

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As an Expert Coin Dealer we help our customers understand the values of their rare coins and coin collections. We are interested in all coins including, bullion coins and coins with collectible value: U.S. and world, ancient and modern, common or rare.  Our professional Coin Buyers are ready to evaluate your coin collection and make you no-obligation offer today.

Get a Free, No-Obligation Appraisal & Offer On Your U.S. Coin Collection

Rare Coin Dealer is interested in purchasing your U.S. rare coins, foreign coins, bullion coins and coin collections.  We provide Free Coin Appraisals of all rare coins, bullion coins, and coin collections we inspect for potential purchase. 

Our expert rare coin dealers appraise all rare coins and coin collections for their true liquid value, and as nationwide rare coin buyers we have retail customers looking for the material you are looking to sell. This logically enables us to pay you the highest price possible for your U.S. rare coins and coin collections. There is never any pressure or obligation to sell. When you Google “Coin Collectors near me”, or “Coin Dealers near me” you want to find a rare coin dealer like us.

Always Paying More For Your rare Coins

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SimplifIes the rare coin Selling Process

 We are Rare Coin Dealers that have been buying rare coins for over a decade and understand as either a rare coin collector or a customer that has just inherited a rare coin collection and you want to get the most money when selling your coins. As professional Rare Coin Dealers we prefer to purchase entire coin collections wherever possible. It is of no benefit to you to have a local coin dealer or coin collector come in simply to have them “cherry-pick” the best items from your rare coin collection. Large collection or small, our expert coin buyer will make you an offer on every rare coin you have to show us. 

Mom and Pop Coin Shops are a thing of the past. Today it can be tough to find a reputable coin dealer near you that will pay the true value for your coins. We have coin dealers near you who have been serving United States Coin Collectors for over a decade. You need the numismatic expertise and knowledge that our Rare Coin Dealers provide. 

Our coin appraisers are coin specialists and experts in all types and varieties of U.S. rare coins. Studying rare coins in all their complexity is a labor of love that we practice every day. Unfortunately, in many cases you will find that U.S. coin dealers and rare coin collectors alike are reluctant to pay the numismatic premium that a rare coin may deserve. They will offer too low of a price, whether to make extra profit or to reduce risk. Either way, this is of no advantage to you as a seller. 

How We Appraise and Purchase rare coin & rare coin Collections


Complete our free and simple submission form describing your item. After reviewing your submission, our team of rare coin experts will contact you with an initial quote, usually within one business day.

Start a Quote


After the initial offer, if you decide to move forward, we will provide you with a fully insured, prepaid shipping label to safely send your items to our national headquarters for official evaluation. You are also welcome to visit our main walk-in location to complete the transaction in person.


After our experts do a final inspection of your item or items, they will contact you with our official offer.  If you accept this offer, we will arrange for immediate payment via e-check or wire transfer. If you decide not to sell, we will return your item or items at our expense. No risk. No obligation.

Personal Visit

In many cases, it is an easy matter to have one of our expert numismatic Denver coin buyers stop by for a personal visit. In all likelihood we have a Denver rare coin dealer near you. Our team of expert rare coin appraisers are based around the country, and regularly travel to appraise and purchase rare coins and coin collections.

Insured Mail-In Service

Some coin collections are too small to warrant a visit, or the travel expense is prohibitive. To address this issue, Denver Rare Coin Dealer offers a fully insured mail-in service. You can ship your rare U.S. coins directly to walk in coin shop, and our coin buyers will physically appraise your material. Immediate payment is standard. If you decide not to sell, we will return your coin collection at our expense.

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