What is the best way to sell silver coins and bars?

Colorado Precious Metals Exchange makes selling your silver coins and bars easy and transparent. We always use live silver prices when buying silver bullion, unlike some other dealers. We are a volume business and work on tight margins. If you are thinking about selling your bullion material, CPMEX buys it all so contact us today and we will provide prompt pricing for you.

Yes, there are many Silver coins worth more then their precious metal value that where once just worth silver bullion value. These coins are called numismatic coins because their values will be above there base value of the precious metals they contain. Here at CPMEX we are upto date on the numismatic values of coins and unlike other dealers we for the extra values for these coins posses. One such example of a modern numismatic silver coin is the 1996 American Silver Eagle. This coin because of the low mintage of this year of production is worth much more then just its silver value. Total Mintage for the 1996 Ameican Silver Eagle was 3,603,386 which make it a very low mintage year, by comparison the 2016 Ameican Silver Eagle mintage was 37,701,500. A good reference for more information about Amerian Silver Eagles is silvereagleguide.com
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Transparent pricing for jewelry & coins that are gold, silver, and other precious metals.

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Transparent pricing for jewelry & coins that are gold, silver, and other precious metals.