These circulated 90% silver U.S. Quarters are sold by the $10 face value. Each $10 face value contains 40 individual quarters which total to approximately 7.15 ozt of pure silver. This generic selection of quarters dated 1964 and prior is almost always all Washington Quarters though the occasional Standing Liberty Quarter may be found. Often referred to as “junk silver” in the silver bullion market, these coins are circulated and bought/sold primarily for their 90 percent silver content.

You may buy any quantity face value desired. Quantities of 10 ($10 face value) will be shipped.

The 90% Silver Washington Quarter, originally designed by sculptor John Flanagan, was minted from 1932 to 1964. This well-known quarter depicts the head of Washington facing left, with “Liberty” above the head, the date below, and “In God We Trust” in the left field. The reverse features an eagle with wings outspread perching on a bundle of arrows framed by two olive branches. Other 90% quarters include Washington Quarter Proofs from 1992 on, State Quarter Proof coins starting in 1999 and America The Beautiful Quarter Proof coins starting in 2010.

These Washington Quarter coins are sold as circulated coins. We do not cherry pick, look for key dates, or pull anything out unless it looks completely slick (no visible image). The condition and wear on these coins are completely random and can vary from coin to coin.

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