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Issued following the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor for use in the Hawaiian Islands, this World War II emergency issue features a brown treasury seal and serial numbers, and bold Hawaii overprints.

Currency Highlights:

  • This denomination was one of four, along with the $5, $10, and $20 to be used for this purpose during the war.
  • Housed in archival quality currency sleeves.
  • All notes are from series 1935-A in heavily circulated Very Good condition.
  • Julian/Morganthau signatures—Friedberg #2300.
  • Face: Brown seal and serial numbers along with the familiar portrait of President George Washington.
  • Back: Includes a large HAWAII overstamp in block letters across the middle.

Series 1935-A $1 Silver Certificates with the HAWAII overprint are very popular with collectors. Add some of these great collectors items to your cart today!

Due to the very real possibility of a Japanese invasion of Hawaii and the west coast following Pearl Harbor, the Treasury Department issued these special notes. In the event of the currency falling into enemy hands, these could be rendered worthless by the government. Although many of these notes were printed during the war, they are seldom seen today!

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