Gold Monster Box
At NPMEX, we have a pretty large selection of Gold Monster Boxes, each containing 500 gold coins per box. Monster Boxers are one of the best ways to buy gold coins in bulk, not only because you get more in one go but also because it can work out to be cheaper than buying them one at a time.

Many people buy our Gold Monster Boxes to store their wealth and hedge against inflation. It allows investors to be assured that they are investing in Government Certified gold coins like American Gold Eagle Coins minted in trusted mints. Investors buying gold can be assured of purity and the fact that they are genuine.

Our Monster Boxes, regardless of which ones you buy, come sealed directly from the mint where they are produced. So, you can be assured that the box was not opened by any middlemen or third parties.

Want to buy bulk gold American Eagle Coins or any other? Feel free to get in touch with us if you have any questions about our Gold Monster Boxes?
What Is A Monster Box Packed With Gold Coins Look Like?
Well, for starters, the Monster Box is a big red plastic container that is similar to many others. For all intents and purposes, it is a storage unit to provide your precious metals like gold bullion coins or platinum bullion protection from the elements. The box is also designed to make picking up and transporting 500 coins relatively easy.

Inside the Monster Box, the gold coins are divided into stacks or rolls; each one is inside a plastic tube. The plastic tube serves the purpose of keeping the coins organized and provides an additional layer of protection.

The tubes are efficiently arranged within the Monster box casing, which will make up to around 500 coins depending on which one you buy. The coins are stacked vertically next to each other, forming a symmetrical layout.

On the lid, there is a raised seal with the mint’s logo. If the box has not been tampered with, it will have tape on it. The tape is unlike your garden variety type, bearing all the information about the issuing mint, like its location, name, etc. If anything, the tape is a feature that can’t be tampered with or replaced. If anything that’s why it physical gold is considered a solid investment.
Which Mints Have Monster Boxes?
Mostly it is the Canadian Mint, Australian Mint, the US Mint, and Perth Mint use these large boxes to hold larger orders of minted gold coins. Sure, there are many other mints across the world that produce gold coins; these two Australian and North Americans are the only ones that pack a large number of coins into Monster Boxes, which are then sold to the public.

Amongst the popular choices are the American Gold eagle monster box and the OZ American gold eagle coins.

If you are wondering how many tubes you can expect in each Monster Box, they tend to vary depending on the coin type. It depends on the thickness of the coins and their overall sizes.
Why Should You Buy A Monster Box?
Well, there are several advantages for bullion investors who buy monster boxes, compared to groups of coins or individual coins. Here are a few benefits:

The Monster Box has a thick and hard protective casing that protects everything in it, especially during shipping. The protective nature of the coins prevents them from being damaged or scratched. It is an important feature for anyone buying rare coins or popular gold coins.
Monster Boxes are designed to store gold bullion at home or anywhere else, for that matter. It can even be put in a safety deposit box or any other secure environment like a safe. Their portability makes transporting many coins easier.
All Monster Boxes are delivered unopened and come with a certificate from the producing mint, which helps reduce instances of a mix-up during the ordering and shipping process. As an investor, you can also be assured that these are the real deal.

Types of Monster Boxes
You can choose to buy both sealed as well as Monster Boxes which have been unsealed. The unsealed box often means that the contents were previously swapped out or were removed. On the whole, unsealed Monster Boxes are less expensive compared to their sealed counterparts because, in all likelihood, all or most of the 500 coins in the box were replaced by some other coins, but they all weren’t minted together. However, they can all be gold coins.

As far as the quality of these Gold Monster Boxes goes, a sealed monster box is preferable because of the homogenous group of all 500 coins that are certified with a single label. Unsealed boxes can have mixed and matched coins from various other sets, which reduces their demand, and hence they come with a lower premium.

It goes without saying that not many people want to buy unsealed monster boxes.
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At NPMEX, we have a large selection of Monster Boxes, including 500 Gold American Buffalo and the American Golden Eagle. The Monster Boxes we sell are all sealed and fully described. Furthermore, you can always call or email us to find out more before and after making a purchase.




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