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Gold Jewelry is the perfect choice for an evening party and works great when adorned with a casual summer dress. Fine jewelry is also the perfect bright morning choice with casual attire.

By its very nature, Gold tends to go along with just about any color or type of attire. It can also be worn by men and women alike. However, the latter is often the most associated with rose gold jewelry.

Regardless of gender, gold jewelry helps to elevate every occasion with style; over the centuries, it is one of the few materials that has stood the test of time. Gold alloys have remained fashionable for so long because of their ability to be molded.

At NPMEX, we have a large selection of gold jewelry, from chains and hoop earrings to necklaces, bracelets, and rings. Choose a piece that will make you glow or allow our team to help you pick one that’s right for you.

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Why Pure Gold Is A Beautiful Investment?
Pure gold jewelry collection has generally always been considered a smart and wise investment. It is also the safest investment in modern times to hedge against inflation. However, while being made from gold, gold jewelry is a slightly different type of investment, which can be worn, admired, and passed on for generations. It never gets old; instead, aging gold jewelry that’s well made and taken care of continues to hold its value, if not become more valuable.

Gold jewelry exudes class, luxury and signifies your financial stability. Some people consider it to be as good as money. Unlike a particular currency, yellow gold can easily be purchased and sold the world over. In some parts of the world, gold jewelry is in higher demand than in others. However, there are parts of the world that have better craftsmanship, with some of the best gold jewelry crafted by skilled craftsmen by hand.

At NPMEX, we consider gold jewelry and even white gold jewelry an investment in your wardrobe. It is a big part of looking great. Whether you go to a private party, attend a public event, corporate event, or wear it casually, there is something about gold jewelry that can’t be had with any other metal.

That’s why we have a selection of the best gold jewelry out there. Each piece you see on our website is professionally crafted and made from various purities of gold. However, they are clearly described so that you understand the piece in question before purchasing it.

We have a team of gold jewelry experts who will work with you to choose the right piece of solid gold jewelry.
Gold Plated Jewelry vs. Gold-Filled jewelry
At NPMEX, we are committed to educating buyers about what is available. Apart from pure gold jewelry, many buyers will run into two other types, which are gold-filled jewelry and gold-plated jewelry.

Both types of jewelry are put through different manufacturing processes. Also, the amount of gold used in each is very different.

On gold-plated jewelry, the gold layer is minuscule and hardly noticeable. On the other hand, gold-filled jewelry has as much as 100 times more gold alloy compared to gold-plated jewelry. So, the layer is much thicker. It also means that gold-filled jewelry tends to last on average longer compared to their gold-plated counterparts.

Gold plated jewelry will often start to break down if it’s too hot or if it comes into contact with salty air or water. If anything, there is a lot that can destroy it, which is why, even though it looks like gold, you won’t be able to pass on gold-plated jewelry to your kids and grandkids. That’s is why you should buy gold engagement rings instead of gold-plated counterparts.

Usually, a small scratch on gold-plated pieces will expose the underlying brass. Gold-filled pieces are made by sandwiching the core metal between two pieces or layers of gold alloy. It is then heated and passed through a heavy roller multiple times. The process bonds the metal and also thins out the sheet.

If a buyer can’t afford to buy pure gold jewelry, gold-filled jewelry is the next best thing. However, buying from a recognized brand or seller means that you will always be assured of a higher quality product.
Caring For Your Gold Jewelry
Even the best gold jewelry with the highest purity like maybe 14 karat wedding rings, needs to be cared for if you hope to pass it on for generations. Furthermore, taking care of it means that it will look great for years to come.

Here are a few things to keep in mind:

High karat gold – You will want to use high karat gold jewelry less frequently. Pure gold is soft and thus easily damaged.

Remove your gold jewelry in the bath – You want to always remove your gold jewelry before swimming, taking a bath, or cleaning the house. The chemicals in soaps, detergents, and other items can cause the gold to wear off. It can be a particular problem if the jewelry is gold-plated. In addition, you will also want to avoid wearing gold to the beach or when going for a swim. Chlorine and salt is the last thing you want the jewelry exposed to.

Store properly – Store your gold jewelry in a jewelry box or maybe a separate compartment of the box. Gold chains should be stored in a way so that they don’t tangle.
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