Precious Metals Backed Financing

Precious Metals Backed Financing

Flexible loans without complications for precious metals

Going through a bank can be an arduous process for possibly limited or disappointing results. But if you have physical precious metals, you have access to easy financing, with minimal documentation and without complex procedures while the funds are available quickly.

Furthermore, Colorado Precious Metal Exchange offers more for your collateral. We loan up to 75% for gold holdings and up to 60% for silver. This is standard for us. And you will find our interest rates extremely competitive.

Also, unlike bank loans, we allow for greater flexibility regarding terms. Borrow for just three months or longer. Choose from a range of payment options. You can pay interest monthly, quarterly, bi-annually, or annually. Different repayment schedules can also be arranged. There is no need for you to be hampered by strict monthly installments and harsh default fees.

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Why do we offer such bullion-backed financing?

Our clients want options and at Colorado Precious Metals Exchange,  we want our relationship with you to last. We believe that precious metals are vital and important to any well-balanced investment portfolio and wealth protection strategy, but we also want you to be able to make the most of your physical holdings. With our loans backed by your precious metals, the ownership of your gold or silver remains under your name, while capitalizing on its value. Using your your precious metals holdings you can obtain the cash you need without having to sell your precious metals.

As a trusted boutique firm focused on our clients’ precious metals needs, we offer a superior level of customer service. We get to know all our clients to establish a close, confidential relationship so that, when the time comes and you need convenient and flexible financing, Colorado Precious Metal Exchange will be the best option in every way. To find out more about how you use your can your precious metals holdings for leverage when short term financing needs arrive, contact us today.